1 year later

Ant’s Corner is 1 year old – how time flies!

I’m away on holiday for a little longer but, don’t worry, I haven’t dropped off the planet and I am still open to tutorial suggestions for when I get back from my travels. I obviously haven’t been able to answer emails and/or YouTube comments recently (and that will continue for the rest of the week) but try again if you’re still stuck next week and I should be able to respond.

Happy Easter and Antiversary! :)

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2 Responses to 1 year later

  1. avatar jefferson_br says:

    Have fun teacher. But dont forget us, we are waiting for more lesson.

    • avatar Ant says:

      Thanks :)

      I’m trying to get the next project done this week – just realised I’m off to Sweden on Sunday! Racking up the air miles recently

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