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Below is a collection of interactive assignment headings I’ve made for college use. I’ll attach tutorials for you to make your own as and when they’re available. Enjoy!

Beware, this page could get very laggy! I’ll work on a solution

February 2012

A small sample of a point and click game for an assignment based on (you guessed it) making a point and click game. I threw in some subtle hints regarding general studentship too; let’s hope they hit home 😉

Mostly made with the basic code from the Intro to ActionScript series – plus the random hills thrown in for good measure.

December 2011

Not exactly my favourite banner ever but it gives some idea of what we wanted from the students! No tutorial for this one but some of the content will be covered in an upcoming series.

November 2011

This is a banner for an assignment about Flash and ActionScript. The students have to make an individual interactive product to familiarise themselves with Flash before grouping up in fours to produce a full game! These games will be uploaded to and potentially ported to App Stores via Adobe AIR. Exciting times!

I’ll be doing a tutorial on this when the Point, Click, Win! series is complete

October 2011

The first design assignment of the course has students pitching iPhone app ideas to the tutor. The best will be made into a real game for the App Store, so watch this space! – Banner source file.

September 2011

A banner for a 3D modelling, animation and environment assignment. Students should work through various states of development, as demonstrated in the banner.

Basic Factory Scene File – Cinema 4D

The newcomers to the course have to design their own platform game. The banner is a fairly obvious example 😉

Platform game – YouTube tutorial link.

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